Remote sensors for 240V

Please make an under $40 remote wireless sensor that allows us to meter 240V equipment such as electric water heaters, heat pumps, etc… This one product would significantly increase Sense’s value proposition. It would work like a smart plug but without the ability to turn equipment on/off. Just metering.


I very strongly agree. This has been requested a lot on other threads, for example this one very recently:

I love Elon’s example too. However, we cannot wait around for the AI to improve in Sense. It’s really a novelty right now and I want to get value out of it as I see the “potential” If it could accurately monitor the big items such as HVAC/water heater (as a whole not as stages/parts), that would be tremendous.

The other item that Sense could do to improve their value proposition is better software. I outlined this in another thread but we desperately need reporting by start/end date so we can compare against bills. The bill feature they have now is a joke because the #days doesn’t match the billing cycle.

As you say, @jlj.pers, it’s been requested elsewhere … but in the meantime (here I agree with @omsrobert) , assuming you don’t have Sense Solar CTs hooked to your solar inputs, you can get the separate Sense Solar CTs and plug them into your Sense monitor and track something like a 208/240V hot water tank … albeit with the associated screw up to your overall consumption stats.

Here’s a suggestion (to Sense): can the Solar input be made multi-modal in firmware? Doesn’t solve everyone’s problems but it would be fun. [The little sun symbols can be read as “hot(water)” or “sun’s out better switch on the AC”. lol]

My solution was to get another Sense monitor.
I justified it by using it for income-generating commercial troubleshooting.
I’ve had that one dedicated to my hot water circuit lately.
I did, however, just get the Solar CTs and added those to the second monitor so I have Sense#1 on the panel legs and Sense#2Mains on the hot water tank and Sense#2Solar on my AC unit! Hot & cold: I can work with the irony.
[Also assuages guilt because if I squint I can pretend I’m generating power with the AC :sweat_smile:]


I am already using the solar for solar. Also, the water heater is on the other side of the house. Therefore, I should add that the remote sensor needs to be wireless.

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In your situation the hot water circuit is not wired back to the same panel and meter that the Sense is on?

Not that there’s a non-remote solution other than a second Sense in that case but I’m trying to understand your expectations for how a remote would function: powered by the 208/240 and wired accordingly, with CTs and WiFi? Basically a cheap version of the existing Sense?

Even if you were able to use one or more sense units on important loads in addition to the main sense.

I can’t see them creating new hardware since they are a small company. They mentioned in another thread that not a lot of people are using smart plugs so they are not prioritizing adding more smart plug features. That’s another knock against them creating a special 240V device.

Agreed @wesman7776.

My vote is to hack an existing Wemo Insight or HS110. Power the plug from the supply but tap into the internal CTs. I assume they have internal CTs? Don’t try this at home type stuff.

Or wait until Belkin/TP-link make one.

If there is ever a “Sense”-branded Smart Plug I could see it being a Belkin or other brand OEM rebranded with higher sample frequency and some kind of handy default Sense-aware firmware … maybe with 100-240V … but in the meantime the Wemos and Kasas are fine, if not orange.

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All the more reason for Sense to add better home automation integration. We have this kind of stuff in the Z-wave realm.


This one totally looks like an orange sticker device! I’m in.
It’s been a while …

@kevin1 has some good points though.

I currently use a zwave home energy monitor on the circuit that my Volt charges from. I’d happily replace it with a Sense-compatible sensor if one existed. I have a couple HS110 around the house and I’m happy with the way those integrate into Sense, something similar for 240v would be an easy choice for me.

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There’s another choice: Sinope load controller. The web programmable version can be interfaced over the local LAN via there intermediate device. Less popular than z-wave I imagine though.

I have all baseboard 240VAC heater in my house and this sinope, CASA, and Mysa all make smart thermostats for baseboard heaters. I would love if sense would interface with one of these. Simone appears pretty open to giving there protocol on request as per this home assistant thread.