Suggestions for how to create a more reliable notification for washer and dryer?

We have an electric washer and dryer that are energy star rated. Sense has properly detected both, but incorrectly detects when they turn off. I’m sure it’s because the amount of electricity they use vary depending upon what cycle is being used and where it is during the cycle.

My question is, has anyone figured out a way to receive an accurate notification for when the device turns off? I would love to be able to know when the washer or dryer actually turns off without dealing with the constant notifications that it’s off, when it actually isn’t. Definitely have a lot of notification fatigue here…

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I put our washer on an HS110 plug, and now the notification is perfect. If your dryer is gas, you may be able to do this too. Ours is electric and thus 220V, and there are no smart plugs for 220V.

HS110s are often $21 for two (check Walmart online and B&H), and work very well otherwise.

Others may have insights on the alerts with the native Sense detection, but that’s a tricky problem (as you are finding).


As @jlj.pers suggests, I would go for the Smart Plug if you can because you’ll get reliable detection and notifications. That said, be careful you don’t overload the plug. I’m using a Wemo Insight on a combined 120V washer/dryer which peaks at 1200W.

In theory you could play with the Goals notifications and use those but that’s only an ugly partial solution at best. There’s not a lot you can do with the Device notifications in this situation other than perhaps asking Support about the specifics of the detection algorithm and whether it could be persuaded toward perfection.

Without (hopefully!?) sounding like a Sense evangelist I’d suggest getting ANOTHER Sense and dedicate it to your washer & dryer circuits OR add a Solar CT to your existing Sense (assuming you aren’t using it for Solar) and put those CTs on the washer/dryer circuits if either are high current (and/or over 120V). I’m using a second Sense on my Hot Water tank (Main CTs) and AC (Solar CTs). Works like an ironic charm and doesn’t interfere with my overall panel data.

There has been plenty of discussion on this and suggestions from others.

Unfortunately, both machines use a 220 outlet. So that’s not an option. Thanks for the idea though.