EcoSmart Electric On-Demand Water Heater

There’s no way this will be detected. Have had the water heater and Sense for years, and nothing has happened.

Any other way to to measure consumption for this device?

Thanks in advance

My high demand items have mostly not been found by Sense, but I do have a WELserver system installed that has lots of capacity for current clamp measurement (and lots of other things, like temp, flow, on/off, etc) and provides WEB based monitoring, alerting, etc.

Unlike what Sense was supposed to do (and doesn’t), you do have to install and configure nodes for everything you want to monitor, but once you do it works flawlessly, including my solar, generator, hot water, deep variable speed well, geothermal heat pump, etc, etc.

A number of us have lamented that there doesn’t seem to be a 240v wire-in (all it needs is a 240v HS110 like module with wires in and out, instead of plugs) equivalent of the HS110 for the US. Definitely a product opportunity to enable Sense to monitor a very large number of high consumption US devices! There is a plug-in version HS110 in Europe and some people have hacked together a European plug for their 240v device, but that violates US codes and could cause severe insurance problems if you ever have a fire.

I’ve have used the solar CTs on my hot water tank (4kW). I don’t have solar.

That’s a little ugly in terms of the interface but there is some irony in viewing the hot water consumption as the solar waveform.

I’m convinced that Sense is hard at work making it possible to use “spare” CTs or even a dedicated Sense (as I do) for 240V, or even 120V, devices.

I have a total of 3 Sense monitors (all with solar CTs) on a panel with 9 breakers (3 of which are 208V)!

BTW: It’s not just “high consumption” that’s of interest. I just finished installing the smallest and most efficient mini-split heat pump I could find and wanted Sense ground-truth data on it from the initial startup. I have dedicated a pair of Sense Main CTs to it. So far it’s peaked at <500W and it’s signature is certainly more interesting that my hot water heater.