Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Detection

I’ve been with Sense for a couple of months now and I like the device…very glad I purchased it. Device detection has been a bit of a bumpy road but 7 devices have been detected by the algorithm, one of which is a little disappointing because it detected the refrigerator defrost cycle but not the refrigerator compressor itself. Integrated TP-Link smart plugs o-plenty (20 of them) has created a level of granularity that I never really expected to be able to achieve…pretty awesome.

Besides the refrigerator (which I can solve with a smart plug if I decide to pull out a build in refrigerator), the two most important heavy loads that I’m most interested in are a Tesla HPWC that charges a model S and a Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus electric tankless water heater.

The car charger should be easy since the signature is so distinct, but the water heater is a huge load that is highly variable in its load pattern. Has anyone successfully detected an electric tankless water heater?


One question - do you also have solar. If not, then a couple of Flex CTs used for Dedicated Circuit Monitoring (DCM) should work for your Tesla HPWC and water heater. I just configured a set for my Mode 3 HPWC and my NuHeat floor heating subpanel.

A new product idea just occurred to me. 60 amp WiFi CTs that integrate with Sense the same was that smart plugs do. No Sense hardware or software changes required and right in TP-Links’ wheelhouse.


Hello Kevin. I do have solar and using the extra pair of CTs for that, so I’m hopeful that these two loads can be identified. Either that or maybe a hardware upgrade that adds a couple more CTs.

I feel optimistic that the HPWC will be identified but that water heater will probably take some serious algorithm jujitsu.

I’d love to hear that there are lots of folks out there with an electric tankless that have it detected…:slight_smile: