Small commercial user implementation

We’re exploring offering this for small commercial businesses like restaurants that have a lot of electrical usage but don’t currently have anyone monitoring it. Does anyone know if this will work in this context? For example will it identify commercial ovens or microwaves? Will it recognize larger HVAC systems?

We’re in a food truck out in Seattle and working pretty well.

The big blocker would be our current compatibility in only 200A split-phase panels. Many restaurants are on three-phase power, which we cannot fully cover.

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I deployed a Sense temporarily in a small restaurant panel that had high consumption to the point of needing to potentially pull more service from the Utility (not 3 phase and sub-200A). It was extremely useful to demonstrate over a few days of “typical” usage that the existing service was adequate so saved the commercial tenant 10s of thousands. Of course you really need to use a calibrated Fluke monitor if you want to log things for Code purposes but I found the Sense very useful in recognizing devices with start-up current spikes and establishing a typical overall load. Given that often commercial kitchens will have multiple similar devices, I imagine long term reliable detection might be tricky but at least the devices are normally high-wattage so will be easily visible in the Power Meter. As far as detection goes, it’s probably a case of the more people use them commercially the better they will become? Right @RyanAtSense?

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Interesting, thanks. Do you offer a “whitelabel” of your app?

@ixu thanks, very interesting. Seems like an untapped market…