Energy Impact from Apple to Ubiquiti Networking Transition

I finally have my home network swapped out - I moved from an aging, but absolutely reliable Apple-based system (1 basestation/router with 4 APs, 1 main switch and one auxiliary switch) to a similar Ubiquiti configuration. I kept the new Ubiquiti devices plugged into the same smartplugs that were monitoring their Apple and Netgear predecessors wherever possible. The screenshots below show the transitions in Sense. Due to priorities, it actually took me a few days to get all my smartplugs reconnected with the new networking gear - no major issues, just priorities.

Router 200Wh / day to 800Wh / day, though I was also able to retire a FingBox
Net gain of 500Wh / day. The retired FingBox used about 100Wh / day.

Main Switch 150Wh / day to 400Wh / day, but was able to also remove 800Wh used by Apple APs
The main switch now power all the access point over PoE. Net reduction of 650Wh / day

**Family Room Switch 200Wh / day to 150Wh / day **

Net reduction of 50Wh / day

Time Capsule / Access Point 250Wh / day to 0 Wh / day
One of the 4 access points removed that are now powered by PoE

Total Net difference, before to after - 200Wh reduction / day, even though the UDM Router is much more of a power pig.

Here’s a view on Sense Monitor and smartplug connectivity after my new network was installed (thin orange vertical line). The Sense Monitor was back online quickly, but it took a while for me to get the smartplugs back on the IoT WiFi network and talking to the Sense Monitor. I still haven’t ventured up into the attic to reconnect the Furnace Up smartplug to the new access points. The Master Time Capsule has been retired and replaced by a PoE access point. And the Dining Room Sonos was turned on for testing, then promptly powered off at the smartplug, since it is little used. And the Washing Machine and Sony TV oscillate below and above the 0.5W threshold that Sense uses to mark a device as off. Bottom line is that “all Sense systems are nominal” after the new networking. And, of course, the vertical red bar on the 14th was a Sense outage.

ps: @Offthewall , right now it looks like my lone KP115 is behaving and staying connected with my Sense Monitor. I still have not upgraded firmware - still at 1.0.7 for the KP115.

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I have a similar UniFi setup. Unfortunately I just added smart plugs to my individual equipment vs the primary UPS.

The UDM pro uses about .6kWh per day. The 48 port pro POE switch connected to 9 cameras and several APs and two POE pass through switches, surprisingly only uses about 3kWh per day. It goes up at night when the IR on the cameras kick in. The UniFi RPS only uses about .4kWh per day.

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OK - Rethinking whether I did every power cord swap correctly. Might have reversed the Router and Main Switch. The tell ? The “new Router” is coming in at 32W but the max spec for the UDM is 26W. And my new Switch is reporting putting out nearly 20W of PoE power, which should show about 500Wh / day for the PoE alone, but the “new Switch” power is only coming in about 400Wh. Guess I need to change the labels.

@kevin1 Here’s a snapshot of my UniFi devices. I hope they are labeled correctly!

I still need to add monitors and narrow down the 158W on the UPS. Cable box, rack servers and misc hubs are on that UPS.

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