Exporting usage and solar

Since everything has been reset, since the solar was installed, I’ve been browsing the screens and comments here. Before the reset some 20 devices had been detected, of which, about 6 that I could name.

As I review the info, I don’t need the level of detail that many are requesting. I would like to be able to export hour totals for usage and solar, as shown on the trend usage day screen. This would be sufficient to reconcile with the my electric bill and solar statement.


Hourly export works nicely from the Webapp.

You should be able to do what you’re asking in the Web App: What's new in Web App v4: Data Export

Thanks, I apologize, where do I find how to export, is that another app?

It’s in the web app - log in to your account via the Sense website using a computer, not from phone or tablet.

Next apology, I don’t see the word “Export” anywhere on the pages?? Isn’t there a basic how-to-tutorial?

Take a look at @RyanAtSense’s link. That’s the closest thing to a Tutorial today. There are really only two decisions you need to make:

  1. Which period of time do your want the data for (Day, Week, Month, Year) ? Just navigate to the period you want in the Usage/Trends screen.

  2. What resolution of data do you want (Hour, Day) ? You pick that on the pop up that shows up after you press the “Export” icon in the upper right.

Thanks, got stuff. Now the fun!!

Lots of ideas on what you can do with Export and other access methods here:

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