Firmware Update: Version 1.35.3347-432344a0

Last evening, a firmware update began rolling out to monitors. To avoid strain on our servers, this firmware rollout is staged over eight days. Within that eight day period, your monitor will be updated overnight. At this time, there is no way to opt-in for an immediate update.

Changes include:

  • Infrastructural changes to support future work

To check if you received the update, navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor. Your firmware version will be given under the Monitor card. Please note that firmware updates can be delayed in some instances. If you have not received the update after 8 days, let me know.

Please PM me if you have any questions.


Any chance this version could brick one being upgraded from 1.27.2743-da7ec056? Device is just slow flashing blue after going offline around 3am EST last night.

Try resetting the breaker it’s on to see if it comes back online. If it’s been this long it’s not updating firmware anymore.

If it doesn’t come back online file a tech support ticket here:

Seems to have lost WiFi connection config during an upgrade to 1.34.3297-ec3ffdb4… Resolved now after reconfiguring the connection . resolved with Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor > select Network and follow app instruction.

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Glad to hear you got it resolved

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is this new version the reason I keep seeing these messages that say my energy use is 348% higher than average in different times of the day? I set up the rate table with times of the day and just recently I started getting these message everyday saying my energy use is 32% or whatever higher. None of these messages make any sense because I use even less energy since I recently added solar. I’m mainly wondering why the messages are wrong.

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Once you added the TOU tables, you triggered additional checks, for every TOU time period. Maybe Sense caught a few partial periods. The messages should abate as each time period energy max get established.


well, so far it doesn’t make any sense at all.
My off-grid solar system is now running my air conditioners and so my energy demand is even less so none of these alerts make any sense at all. I no longer have my air conditioners connected to the house, they run off my solar system so my demand is way down. I turned on the solar back in Sept so I get these messages every day for weeks now. Nothing I can do about it but just wondered why the alerts are all wrong. Guess I’ll just keep watching to see if any changes happen.

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Hmmm. Does seem strange. I got a lot of these peak messages, when first turned on TOU. None anymore.

I mostly use the Sense box just to see how much power the house uses. The device detection gets maybe 50% correct so it isn’t very accurate but at times it is helpful. I like that I can see what split-phase in the panel is using more electricity than the other side. I watch the app during the day to see what side of my panel is using more electricity so I can add more circuits to my transfer switch. I still recommend the Sense box to people so they can see the power usage in real-time but too bad the device detection doesn’t work better.

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