First one of these for 2023 - Electric Demand Response

This will all be automatic through our Ecobee thermostats. Based on what I have heard, the AC will attempt to overcool just before 3PM to get a running start when there is plenty of solar, then back off from 5PM to 6PM.

Kind of like an automatic version of the the OhmConnect that Sense is offering with Ohm in the California market.

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I hope this works for you. :smiley:

Here is Phoenix, it would be futile to precool slightly just before 3:00 PM on days like today (forecast high 114 F or 45.6 C). Running my two heat pumps flat-out might maintain indoor temperature, but that’s about it. I’ve turned Eco+ off on my Ecobee thermostats, and instead use home automation software. Sense measures my power use and solar panel output.

A number of folks here pre-cool significantly early in the day (prior to the summer peak-rate period of 2:00-8:00 PM), and allow temperatures indoors to drift up. Today my routine set my two HP’s to 69 F at 8:00 AM. By 2:00 PM, I expect indoor temperature to be around 74 F. (To get lower I’d need to start pre-cooling much earlier.)

After 2:00 I use home automation software to change Ecobee setpoints depending on net power use for the home. You are welcome to check out this long post.

Stay cool.

The Eco+ approach seems to work OK for Bay Area (CA) weather and matches the PG&E TOU pricing schedule. I generally only need to have AC on when my upstairs is occupied from mid-aft through about 8PM. Our current warm spell ranges from 59 at night to 85 daytime. Only two caveats:

  • Trying to avoid natural gas, so we use electric floor heaters some mornings, but I do some automation to turn off floor heating if temp prediction for the coming day is 70 degrees or warmer and sunny, so I can keep the thermal mass of limestone cold.
  • The Eco+ connection to the utility PG&E prevents me from using OhmConnect - PG&E only supports a single demand response program at a time.