FW 1.8 Release Notes?


I noticed that Sense updated to FW 1.8. Where can the community go to see what changed in this FW update?


Hey Ryko,

We don’t typically publish release notes for monitor firmware as they tend to be behind the scenes infrastructure improvements. You can find release notes for app releases in the News and Announcements > Release Notes section though: http://community.sense.com/c/news-announcements/release-notes.


Why not be transparent with your community? How can we help report possible issues if we do not know what has changed? Even if mundane, why not share…what is the harm?



While some of the stuff in the firmware may be in the secret sauce category or some reconfiguration to align with something happening on the server side, if we don’t know, we’ll wonder.

You also would not go to the trouble of a full push with all the potential pain of recovering just a few failed updates if it wasn’t necessary.

Could you therefore please talk to the folk who decide about generating a summary level set of release notes that at least identifies the areas the changes are in.

You’ll then be able to leverage informed feedback your enthusiastic customers as, despite thorough testing in house, there’s always something to learn from deployment.



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