Firmware Update: Version 1.11.1870

Hi everyone!

At 3AM EST tomorrow morning, your monitor will receive an update to its firmware. It’s mostly minor back end efficiency stuff and getting ready for some upcoming features. The biggest change is a fix to some Sense monitors that were rebooting after 100 hours of data collection.

You will experience a short data gap in the process.


Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!!


Maybe it is rolling out in waves, but it is 8 AM EDT and no 1.11. Still 1.9.1802.

If your WiFi is weak sense will not flash and retry another night. Mine usually takes a few days due to the distance from my AP.

Thankfully connectivity is nice and strong as it’s about ten feet away from an access point.

Good deal, in that case wait another night and see what happens.

My version is 1.9.1802. I noticed a gap on data at around 0200 CST. However, the unit is acting funny.

any suggestions?

My device took the update overnight. The expected outage was from ~2:52AM - 3:06AM.

At 11:59 pm PDT June 1 my Sense went offline and has not returned. I’ve tried rebooting it at least a dozen times. Nothing. I’ve tried connecting with Bluetooth, nothing.

I have a tech support ticket in. No waiting for Monday to roll around.

Rick Gippner