Firmware Update: Version 1.11.1881


Committed to never being boring…we have another firmware update coming your way tonight at 3AM EST.

It’s the normal range of mostly minor back-end efficiency stuff, but there’s some device detection optimization tweaks, some tweaks to NDI, as well as a fix to a bug that was preventing some monitors on older software from updating to the latest firmware.

As always, you will experience a short data gap in the update process.


maybe just me, but i’ve noticed since the last firmware update my usage and solar production numbers match 100% (compared to utility company metering data). prior, sense was ~98%-99% accurate, hope this latest update doesn’t change it.


This firmware update should have no effect on that.


I’ve been updated to 1.11.1881, but now seeing a weird behavior I’ve seen once before. No bubbles and negative solar power, zero usage on the Now display. Sense monitor status page showing negative Mains and Solar power on the “right” leg. 0 current and 120V on the “left” leg. Last time, a reset of the Sense breaker fixed this, but wanted to give the team a chance to take a look before I reset.



Thanks for the report, Kevin. I’ll pass the info along to our firmware king @JonahAtSense and we’ll check into what’s going on.


Either @JonahAtSense was incredibly fast, or my system reset itself - back in normal operation. Thanks