Firmware update 1.2.1517

Last night my monitor seems to have been updated to firmware version 1.2.1517. After the monitor came back online, voltage seemed accurate, but power was stuck at 0 watts until I power cycled the monitor. Is this common?

Also, I don’t see an announcement about this firmware version. What updates does it include…?


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Hey Paul,

Thanks for checking! I typically just post the release notes for the app updates since the firmware updates are much more behind the scenes, infrastructure improvements.

The update applied a fix to a bug that caused a handful of monitors to be in limbo after the last firmware update. The bug did not cause any loss of data but did require affected monitors to power cycle to resume visualization via the app.

It sounds like what you experienced is a different “limbo” state issue that we’re going to look into. While it can happen, it isn’t ideal behavior and we’ve working to track down issues that require one to power cycle. Really sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Ben – thanks for answering so quickly!

Not a big deal – this whole thing is more or less an experiment to me anyways. :slightly_smiling_face: I sort of grew up in the world of software design (plus a bit of hardware too), so I am just curious. I am very detail oriented, so I tend to notice small changes (when I think to check anyways).

In fact, I was thinking about joining the beta testing program. I’m just not sure the devices in my condo would be complex enough to be of much value. I don’t have solar. If you need someone to QA the UI though, I do have a reputation for finding bugs in software that not many people find…lol.


Really appreciate the offer, Paul!

Honestly, at the moment our beta testing program is mostly around early access to our web app (which is currently delayed due to resourcing issues). That being said, we have been exploring expanding that. I’ll keep you in mind!


The same thing has happened to me. Is there something you want to do or want me to do before I power cycle the device?

Hey David,

Thanks for checking. I’m working to compile a list of questions for when this does happen, so that they we can better narrow down the cause(s). I don’t think there’s anything to do at this point, but it would helpful to know:

  1. Do you know if you lost power around the time your monitor went offline?
  2. If not, do you know if your Wi-Fi / router went down around the time your monitor went offline?
  3. Do you have/use a Wireless Access Point at home to connect your Sense to Wi-Fi?
  1. No, but see below.
  2. Possibly - I was actually fiddling with the circuit breakers to try and find an electrical consumption source when I accidentally flipped the circuit breaker that powers the base station that the Sense communicates with. However, I thought it had re-establihsed its connection.
  3. Yes, see above.