Firmware Update: Version 1.2.1515

Tonight at 3 AM EDT, your monitor will receive an update to its firmware. This update makes behind the scenes improvements to our device detection systems. It will also include infrastructure necessary to implement a fix to a solar calibration issue that some have experienced as the ‘daytime dip.’

As always, the firmware update will cause a short gap in data, but with the firmware update time moved to 3 AM from 10 PM, the gap will hopefully not have much impact.


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Does this correct the issue with device detection of like or same type? I have had repeatative device detection issues with my two AC units and am waiting for a fix.

Thank for the heads up ! FYI - You’ll never find a time that will be completely convenient for everybody. Here on the West Coast, this update will come at midnight which is the exact start time for many off-peak EV rate schedules (at least with PG&E). Hence some of us set our charge start times for midnight. But thanks to the heads up, we can adjust so our Sense won’t miss the start of a once-every-two-to-three-day event.

Yay! Thanks for the continued updates and attention to the solar fix!

Just to clarify, sounds like this firmware contains “infrastructure” to allow the fix but not the actual fix itself - should we expect to see any difference in terms of solar calibration tomorrow, or is this more of a behind the scenes update and the true fix will come later?

@BenAtSense - any chance we can get some insight into the actual calibration error, for those curious?

@BenAtSense. Ben this firmware update has caused my solar to go negative! I opened a support ticket, please have support look at this ASAP!

@dgreen045, do you mean that you are seeing multiple devices detected for your 1 AC unit? This unfortunately will likely not impact that, but we are working on merging functionality, that will allow you to combine these detected devices so you only see one.

@garywitt29, this is more of a behind the scenes update that will allow us to apply corrections to the affected monitor. The fix itself will be rolled out in the next couple of days.

@NJHaley, unfortunately there’s not much more I share besides that it was a calibration error in some solar CTs.

Really sorry about that @tboettcher. Eduardo, one of our support team members, appears to have fixed the issue and our engineering team is going to look into what happened there. Eduardo should be reaching out to you soon. If you see any other issues, let us know!

@BenAtSense, ok great! Looks like they resolved the issue at 12:45p and I’m now reporting positive again! Thanks for the quick resolution.

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I don’t know if anyone else had this issue, but it appears that after my sense was pushed the new firmware it locked up. It wouldn’t come back online until I power cycled the device. Good news is that after I did that it came back online.

Hey Terence,

A few others reported this issue. We’re looking into what may have caused this. If this happens again, definitely let us know! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Ben

No problem it wasn’t a big deal, I just wanted you guys to know in case I
wasn’t the only one