Firmware Update: Version 1.12.2010

You should have received a firmware update early this AM.

Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug which caused network time acquisition to hang, and could cause the monitor to reboot unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Hue rooms to be reset to empty occasionally.
  • Fixed a bug which caused iOS bluetooth connections to occasionally fail.
  • Fixed a bug which caused NDI-based Samsung TV detection to occasionally erroneously report TVs as off.
  • Other backend improvements

Thank you for the update @RyanAtSense. The day after the update my water heater started being detected correctly again, I was previously having an issue where only half of the wattage was reported. Additionally, the ice maker on my refrigerator was identified this morning which had never been detected. The only strange thing about the ice maker is that I wasn’t notified that a new device was identified. No biggie, overall I’m very pleased with the update, thank you!


Hmm. Doesn’t sound like anything in the firmware update should’ve changed that, but good news is good news regardless!

Where will the update notices be? How do I do the updates?

I thought the update may have made my water heater pick up both sides again too but I just looked and I’m still on 1.12.1966.

None the less my water heater now tracks both legs since the 23rd.

Thanks for the updates, keep them coming!

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Firmware updates happen automatically so you should be updated. You can check by going to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor.

@samheidie let me check into why you’re fw might now have updated. I’ll shoot you a PM.