Firmware Update: Version 1.12.1950


You should have received a firmware update overnight (coupled with the standard brief data outage). While you shouldn’t see any major user-facing changes, there’s a big pile of fixes here, including:

  • Fixes and improvements with the handling of Hue bulbs, including an issue that diminished Hue reporting and control after disabling NDI as well as other reporting improvements
  • Small fixes around NDI
  • Fix for a small issue around how we handle DHCP-provided DNS servers
  • Fixes for how we handle WiFi router resets
  • Fixes for some iOS bluetooth connections that force user to “pair” the Sense monitor with the iOS device
  • Device detection backend improvements
  • Other assorted minor backend fixes and efficiency improvements

I’m glad I saw this as I thought Sense was losing its mind. :slight_smile:

Yesterday morning/afternoon as previously reported my Philips Hue devices were still showing as each individual bulb and Sense was not respecting my groupings in Hue.

Last night after getting three or four “Sense detected a new device” notifications (I still can’t figure out what they are) I opened the app and at 11:48PM I saw all my Hue devices were gone and a new singular “lights” device of make “Philips” was now there. At that time I was not pleased to yet again see devices deleted and this time replaced with a single devices representing every bulb.

Maybe it was a precursor of what was to come, but last night I was pretty irritated since I went through a case of Sense just up and deleting AC devices without notice. This may be a unique case due to getting Hue integration working, but in general please don’t delete things without giving the end user notice, reasoning, and an option to override the delete if they so wish to. If I deleted such things at work without customer consent it would be classified as unexpected data loss regardless if I thought I was in the right. I’d be explaining myself to customers, account teams, and our office of corporate external and legal affairs. Not fun. :confused:

This morning I opened the app on a whim and to my surprise Hue devices were back and groups were now correctly being respected/shown in the app. Yay!:beers:


I’m glad it worked out in the end for you, but this seems very abnormal. I reached out to our dev team so we can try and figure out what happened here.


Hello Ryan. Are you able to discuss any of the additions to the “device detection backend”? For example maybe the new routine added better coffee maker support or pool pump or EV. Not sure if the device detection improvements are that tangible or not but if so it would be great to hear more. Thank you!

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What you’re talking about doesn’t really come in firmware updates. Revised modeling gets released to your monitor on a different schedule and one unique to your monitor. The device detection fixes in firmware tend to have to do with how we manage and sort the data that we get.


Tonight we are back to each individual bulb showing up as a device. What is going on? :confounded:


Hi their Ryan
Have you considered advising your customers
About installing Large a/c capacitors on both legs 220v(I.e.) KVAR many types available.
Many of the phone calls, email device detection issues
Will be eliminated due cleaning up dirty power. Also missbehaving devices can add noise in house causing detection issues. I would only assume Sense monitors need a clean slate to detect properly. Putting a Fluke scoop on both legs will tell a lot about what the power company is giving. Also tripping off select breakers will help isolate the noise. Just a thought as have not seen much about this. Just a lot of detection issues on forum. Some may think spend $, clamp on wires, and it’s your problem. Thank you


KVARs and other capacitive systems don’t really clean up your “power” per se. All they do is pull highly inductive loads from your house/factory (big motors when they are turned on) back to a power factor close to 1. Unless you have large inductive loads, relative the resistive loads in your house, turned on much of the time, you won’t see any benefit. And one downside is that you will see some leakage current/power through the capacitors all the time.

KVARs are helpful if you have motors that run much of the time, but do not “clean up” the power entering your house. Rather they improve the “load” presented to the grid by your house (but only if you have a solidly inductive load previously).

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Thank you for info. Here is my deal. Have many pumps running continuity. I raise koi fish. Constant 6000+ watts. Some motors 0-3 hp variable energy saving. Performance pro, sta-rite pentair. A couple of energy hog 110v. Lots of small components related to fish keeping. Regenerative blower 220v 4amps. Always on motors, heater, circulation pumps for heating, ozenators on/ off. Small air pumps 110v. So the KVAR is sitting in the living room begging me to install. I have small one for the shop too. I know they were selling these claiming to save 25% power bill- b.s. not all power

Supplied by Puget Sound Energy is clean. Also we get feedback from neighbors, noise and all. I agree capacitors are to provide smooth power during motor start like a battery. Also can help, like in electronics, to smooth power ripple. I don’t have a/c here. Most start up components are 500w or less. Sense working here and reporting solar perfectly.

Thank you

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Your house is really proving to be a tough nut to crack. I haven’t seen this behavior reported elsewhere. Are they still showing up individually?


Yes, as of this morning. Maybe not this afternoon. :joy:


That’s just so insanely odd. It’d be helpful if other people were reporting similar issues. Definitely mention this in the Beta thread on Hue. @HilarioAtSense can be found mostly monitoring there, but I’ve been relaying your reports to the relevant dev folks.


I don’t think I have access to find/see/enter this unless my search-fu is simply horrible today. Am I overlooking a super obvious hue thread?


My Hue rooms broke into individual bulbs as well. I did report it in the Bata thread.


Is Settings, My Home, Sense Monitor, Version, the correct place to find my sense version? If yes mine says, 1.11.1894.
How do I make it upgrade to 1.12.1950?
My sense has been off line a few hours for the last 3 nights. I assume it is trying to upgrade?



Thanks for the heads up, Andy. It should’ve updated by now. Let me look into it.

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