Firmware Update: Version 1.12.1966

You should have received a firmware update overnight (coupled with the standard brief data outage). There’s one big fix here for the Philips Hue integration. For Hue devices (or groups/rooms) which are renamed, those new names will now be reflected in the Sense app. This may not happen immediately, but should within a short period of time.

It sounds pretty minor, but it was actually quite a challenge!


Hi @RyanAtSense,
Sorry to bother you again but once again my Sense did not update. It was off line for a few hours so I assume it tried to update but it is still on 1.12.1950. Not sure if other people have this problem but my Sense never seems to update on its own. It needs some help from your team.

I’ll alert our firmware engineer. Hopefully we can figure out why your monitor doesn’t seem to like firmware updates.

Had some comments to add, noticed that 22.2 was available,(don’t recall getting a notice?) Did the update, so will let it run tonight to see if my comments change.

v22.2 was mentioned in the v22 Hue thread since it’s Hue specific.

I was excited about the Philips Hue integration; until I realized I had a LIFX.
Any word on the LIFX, being such a similar device?

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I could be wrong as I’m not on the SW team, but I believe the API is quite different. Go ahead and submit a request via the Product Wishlist subforum. It’d help us to know how many other users would be interested in LIFX integration.