Monitor Firmware Update



Tonight, at 2 AM UTC (10 PM EDT), your Sense monitor will receive an update to its firmware. While you won’t notice any immediate changes, this will support some exciting upcoming app and device detection improvements.

As with all firmware updates, the update process will cause a short gap in your Sense data. We know this can be an inconvenience for those of you still awake and checking your Sense. In response to your feedback, we will soon be moving these updates to 2 AM EDT, so that they happen when most of you are asleep.

More app improvements are right around the corner, so stay tuned!


Will it cover a fix for the “daytime dip?” If not, I appreciate the update but call me underwhelmed :wink:


THANK YOU for the advanced notice!!!


You’re very welcome!!

Nick, unfortunately this update won’t include the solar fix. Rest assured that the team is actively working on fixing that and I will post specifically about it when it is fixed. Thanks for being patient! I know this is high on the Sense community’s wishlist :slight_smile:.


Thanks Ben. Has there been any discussion of moving these updates to later so they don’t come at 7pm PDT? 7pm is in the middle of a peak usage time in our house with cooking appliances. Thanks…



Hey @BenAtSense what version and build numbers should we see once the update is complete?


We unfortunately ran into an issue that prevented us from releasing the update last night. My apologies! We want to make sure everything is working smoothly before we get it out to you. I’ll keep you updated on when it will go out!


@brianmur, not sure if you saw in my original post up there, but we are planning on moving these updates to 2 AM EDT soon so that most people in the US will be asleep when the data gap happens.


Hey @BenAtSense I know that this has been delayed, however could you let us know what kinds of updates we should expect to see?


Ethan, the firmware update itself won’t noticeably change anything but it will get infrastructure in place to enable app improvements that are on their way. When we release the next app update, I will post a description of all the improvements that it includes!


Hi @BenAtSense, I believe the general request is could we receive an update / heads-up BEFORE it releases please? i.e. Once you have a confident list of the releasing features - might just be a day or two we know :wink:


@burrowshouse, totally understand. Unfortunately, I can’t discuss the specifics of an update before it is released, but I will be providing details as the update becomes available.


I also want to let everyone know that this firmware update will be happening TONIGHT at 2 AM UTC (10PM EDT). Sorry again for the delay!


Looks like a successful update on mine.


Any chance the version number could be shared with the frustrated?


My sense went offline last night between 10:05 and 10:13 EST.
This morning my sense is reporting firmware
where as yesterday it was reporting

I’ll also note that an updated Sense App (v1.8) for iPhone/iPad was released today.
See Ben’s post about that here which does also mention a firmware 1.2 requirement.


Thanks, That’s what I have now.


@1agkirk2: My Sense is showing Version 1.2.1463-2292892-master. I also noticed that the iOS release notes of today’s app update showed that certain new features “Requires Sense monitor software v1.2 or higher” so I assume my Sense was updated successfully last night.

WARNING: lthough it could have just been a communications glitch but also possibly tied to the firmware update, when I first went in to Sense Monitor under Settings, I got all empty data and then it said there was a communications error and to tap to try again. Heart in throat, I did and after a few seconds all the data reappeared.


Don’t know if this is related to the firmware update, but yesterday, Wed May 5 6:05 pm ADT, data dropped off. Breaker reset a few hours later resumed data collection/display. It sure would be good to have a reset function through the app as I was traveling at the time and called someone to manually reset.


Gary, the firmware update shouldn’t have caused your Sense to need a breaker reset to resume.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind.