What's New in v1.17.0



While most, if not all, of you are past the set up phase with your Sense monitor, we decided to take a step back and ensure that the setup process is smooth for future Sense users. We want to make sure that when someone runs into a problem during setup, they have a clear idea of what may be happening and how to resolve the issue.

It should now be easier to contact our support team, access relevant help documentation and get your Sense monitor set up and ready to go!


Still seeing the today/yesterday bug :slight_smile:


Noted! I’m surprised others haven’t reported this. Regardless, it’s on our radar. Thanks.


I saw it again yesterday after going to 1.17. Current day empty at 9:30pm, data on yesterday.


I’ve e been seeing this bug too.


I am also having the same problem where daytime data shows “0” after 8 pm every night EST.


That lines up with us here on the west coast - 5pm, or 12am GMT.


Thanks for confirming that. I’ve passed that along to our engineering team. Should be helpful in tracking this down!


@NJHaley, @douglas.tangeman, @gskeown & @linkrunner,

We’ve identified the causes (turned out to be two small bugs) and will be pushing a patch to fix them mid next week (likely Wednesday). Thanks for being patient!


Thank You. I really love your product. Most of my devices have been
identified well. Keep up the good work.


Patch has just been released to correct these issues!


Not sure if the patch has been applied to my sense yet as I am still experiencing the same issues as before with daytime data showing “0” after 8 pm EST.


For me it came in the form of an app update (I think). Are you on 1.17.2?

And in case it’s not an app update, are you on firmware 1.6.1603?


That works. I neglected to update the app.Thought I had it to auto update.
Thanks so much.


Sorry that wasn’t clear. Yes, we released an app update patch.