What's New in v1.16.0

While we’d love for everyone to experience 100% uptime, sometimes your Sense monitor can go offline. This can happen because of loss of Wi-Fi signal connection, a brownout, or a full scale power outage. In order to help reduce downtime, after many requests from Sense users, we’ve added a notification for when your monitor goes offline.

Offline Monitor Notification

Now, if your monitor finds itself offline for 30 min or more, you’ll receive a notification. You’ll also see an offline message with a sleeping monitor graphic on the app’s Now screen. It’s our hope that with this knowledge, you’ll be able to address the issue sooner and get your Sense back online! By default, the email notification is on and the push notification is off, but you can adjust this by going to Settings > Account > Notifications.


And the solar vs usage color - awesome!

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Yes! A small color fix went out.

Another quick change worth mentioning: the name of the billing cycle tab found in ‘Trends’ has been changed from ‘BC’ to ‘BILL’ for clarity.

Hey Ben, I found a new bug after this update. It just showed up this evening, though. I updated my phone this morning and didn’t notice it until after updating my tablet tonight (not certain they’re related).

Anyway, production/usage data in the daily bar graph is now missing:

check that - the days are wrong. Yesterday is today and today is tomorrow. I can still get today’s bar graph data, but it’s under “yesterday”.

Hey Nick,

Are you still experiencing this?

If not, we should be releasing a patch for Android soon that may help clear it up.

It seems to have corrected itself overnight, but I’ll continue to keep an eye on it to be sure it’s not a GMT timing error or something.

And it’s back. Seems to flip around 5pm…Midnight GMT…


Alex is going to reach out to you. He’s better qualified to tackle these technical issues.

It’s not a critical bug, just an oddity caused by a few lines of code maybe. Flips around 5pm local (I’ll recheck today), reverts some time overnight.

I can’t be the only one seeing this?

We haven’t had another other reports of this happening that I’m aware of, which is why I was leaning towards a local issue.

One thing I’m certain of though - it hadn’t appeared until the 1.16 update. I’ve been watching things closely the past few weeks since our solar is finally catching up to usage, just superseding it this week. Almost as exciting as watching for an eclipse :wink:

I’ve seen the same issue with current day data showing empty and the actual data on yesterday. I’ve also seen it show the week data under month, month data under year, etc. It seems to come and go, not sure if it’s time of day related or not.

My router was the only my-side issue I could come up with, but I reset it and no change :confused:

Here’s an example of seeing month data in the day view.

Sounds like you’ve been seeing this prior to the update?

If so, this is a more general bug that the update just happened to trigger in my case.

no, this is just since the 1.16 update.

Hmm okay. @linkrunner, are you running Android as well? I’ll let our engineering team know. If anyone else experiences anything like this, please let me know. The more information we have, the better!

Yes, on Android. Still seeing it with the 1.16.2 update. I believe it tends to happen when the trends screen is the last one used when the app is sent to the background.

I just tried to reproduce it by closing the app on the device page… Still flipped at 5pm :confused:

Sounds like we may be having similar but different issues. I’ve only seen the current day data on yesterday once. I see the wrong time scale more often.