Down for others, or just me?

My unit is showing offline right now and I am getting machining dots. Under settings I don’t see a MAC address and show no signals. BUT under NOW I have dancing dots let I am getting notifications below when I turn things on and off in real time, but see the marching dots for the real time graph. Under USAGE I see bar charts and the power meter show a graph. If I zoom on the graph I see historical usage up till about 12:49pm and then blanks going to the current time that is 1:00pm. There are no numbers on top of the graph for usage or production. What is going on???

Not here. Current and history look OK. Maybe it’s that pesky ios “fix” again :wink:

Happened to me last night and about 15days ago.

Notifications still work but Sense status shows offline. Blank MAC address and blank signal(mains, voltage and frequency). Graph stops reporting.

Last night I took some print shots and reset the breaker. I then logged a problem ticket with Sense support.

All fine on my iOS app, no missing data.

That happened to me a week or so ago. I just had to reset the breaker and it came right back up. Easy enough fix, but hopefully they figure this out and push an update to resolve the issue.

Hi Howard, as we’ve heard from Alex who was assigned to your case, the issue was sorted out last week and your monitor is back online. There was nothing wrong with your logs and we were able to see that you had great signal strength and upload speed, but something happened on your network that caused Sense to go offline. We are not able to detect what it was exactly from our end, and this could have happened for multiple reasons, but most likely your network was simply saturated at that time. Regarding any future issues when your monitor is offline, if it’s offline for longer than 6 hours then please contact us, since the monitor should be rebooting itself after 6 hours of being offline. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is that six hour reboot a new feature? As for my Network it was operating perfectly and I had no other issues as many other things were connected and all worked perfectly. This was an issue that only impacted Sense and nothing else on the network.

It seems my Sense is offline more than it is online. I have not taken the step to reboot it in the last week but it appears to come back online by itself. How can I tell what my signal strength is or what may be causing it to go offline?

My experience is that I will be watching live data… then the data feed drops. Sometimes it will be gone for a few seconds, sometimes its a minute or two… other times it never comes back for hours. Many times I open the app and I do not get live data.

What is everyone else’s experience? Any suggestions?