Monitor Firmware Update



I received and installed my sense today. When customers buy units and a firmware update is needed, when will the update be pushed?


I don’t work for sense but my guess is the firmware is programmed to check at 10 PM ET every day, I’m saying this because my Sense device hung up during a previous firmware update and when I brought it back online a couple hours later, it had not updated. The next night, it updated at 10 PM ET to the latest version.

Ben also said that Sense was going to move the updates to 2 AM ET so my guess is that the new firmware that came out on Wednesday is programmed to check at 2 AM ET every night.


@dgreen045, what monitor firmware version are you on now? You can check by opening the menu in the Sense app, clicking ‘Settings’ and then ‘Sense Monitor.’ There is daily check to ensure that your Sense is up to date with the latest firmware, so you should have the new firmware now!

Kevin, the time hasn’t been switched yet but it is something we will have switched over soon!



My Sense was updated at on the evening of the original installation. Ironically enough, the update occurred hours prior to 2AM EST. Nevertheless, i am now on version


Great to hear! We haven’t switched the firmware update time quite yet but are going to do so in the near future.


I recently installed my Sense also Version 1.1.1349-331bcc7-master.
I wonder when it will update?



If you just installed it, the firmware should automatically update overnight. Let me know if you’re still seeing the old firmware in a couple of days.


OK Thank you for the response. It did not update last night. One more.


I just checked and the firmware did not update.
Also, there has not been any loads detected.

What do I need to do to try a forced update?


Forcing an update isn’t possible. I’m going to shoot you a message so we can figure out what’s happening.


while you are checking I am still at




Steve, This is shown as the latest firmware.


That was just released at 3:42 PM yesterday and I seriously doubt there is anything newer.

Firmware does seem to take a while to spread to all systems. Mine updated last night.


Yup, as of yesterday afternoon