Firmware Update: Version 1.15.2186


You likely received a firmware update early this AM (2/15).

Changes include:

  • Fixed an issue where some monitors experienced a dropout when opening an app connection
  • Fixed an issue where Wemo smart plugs could time out continuously, resulting in plugs appearing offline
  • Some monitors with high numbers of smart plug or Hue devices experienced data dropouts. Improved performance in this case.
  • Used connection pooling to lower overall HTTPS traffic
  • Disabled IPv6 on the monitor, as the high number of incorrectly configured IPv6 networks have been creating customer issues.
  • Updated wifi firmware
  • Capped monitor logging buffer to avoid rare high memory usage
  • Allow paired Philips Hue bridges to be discovered even when the network is rewriting MAC addresses.

To check if you received the update, navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor. Your firmware version will be given under the Monitor card. Please note that firmware updates can be delayed in some instances. If you have not received the update after 48 hours, let me know.

Please PM me if you have any questions.

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