Sense detected a (non-existent) change in Hue light grouping



I havent made any grouping changes in probably close to a year. The Hue hub did update it’s firmware twice in the last month or so, and Hue has released app updates recently. Any ideas? Maybe something not exposed to end users?


I’ll ask about it. Have you noticed any changes in your Hue app or Sense relationship w/ your Hue devices since those notifications?


Not that I’ve noticed, though I rarely go into the Hue app daily as the bulbs are mostly controlled via home automation.

The only semi-related thing I can think of recently was I reported an issue via the Sense app where a Hue bulb at 50% brightness was reported as on and set to 50% in Sense, yet Sense was saying the bulb was using 0w. This 0w made it invisible from the “on now” bubbles.


Looks like this a known issue and a fix is scheduled for the next app release :construction_worker_man:


Thanks, Ryan. To clarify I assume you’re referring to the grouping notification and not the 0w item.


I meant the grouping. Let me also ask about the 0W as well.