Firmware Update: Version 1.13.2066

You should have received a firmware update over this past weekend.

Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug which caused Hue groups and rooms to be regenerated too frequently
  • Fixed a bug which caused duplicate Hue notifications
  • Include support for upcoming app version release
  • Other backend improvements

Sorry, newbie question. How do you know if you got a firmware update?

I’ve noticed an interruption in logged data when a firmware update is being applied, usually in the very early AM hours. I think my last one was around 2AM.

Hey John. If you navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor, you’ll see what firmware you’re running under Version in the top card.

hmmm…it may explain my solar production early saturday morning as well as the odd behavior (no device dectection and bubbles (other, always on) never changing value…hard reset fix the issue.

Any news of Firmware Update: Version 1.13.2087 ?

That’s just for Beta folks at the moment, but it will go wide soon and I’ll publish notes then :wink:

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I don’t think my monitor has updated. It still shows1.13.1138. For the last six months or so I have to contact support to get it updated. It never updates on its own.

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If you’re in the Beta group, firmware versions will often differ from the versions announced here (and version numbers for dev builds are not consecutive with version numbers for master firmware builds). As a hint, if you have a dev suffix, then you’re very likely up to date. We push out firmware updates to Beta users before we push a new build or patch to Beta, so it likely means something is coming down the pipe soon :+1:


Is there a way to know what the current build is? Beta or not?

On the app go to Settings->My Home->Sense Monitor

There you will see the Version number. if you see a -dev at the end I think that’s not beta.

Same issue here. still on 1.13.1138 with no manual way to update or request update. Did you get yours resolved?

Guys, please read this: Firmware Updates - Please Read

1.13.1138, at the time of posting, was up to date for many Beta users.