The Samsung TV is on for one minute early each morning

Perhaps you can help me solve a mystery.
According to the Sense time line, the Samsung TV I use as a computer monitor turns on for one minute early each morning.

This screenshot shows it on at 5:34 am for one minute.

I turn the TV off each night before I go to bed, but I keep the computer itself on. This has happened each morning for the past several months. A few months ago it was on at 5:17 am. It seems to be happening a bit later each morning. I wonder if it related to the sunrise?

My only idea is that the TV does this to check on firmware updates, but I have not confirmed this. It is Samsung model UN40MU6290.

What are your ideas?


Something to consider is relationship to other stuff in the house so a look at the main Power Meter could be revealing. If it’s a thermostat-related power issue (the changing early morning timing hints at that) it seems possible that the power threshold for the TV could be being met when something else (hot water? HVAC?) changes the house load.

If you have accessible network logs you could look for the NDI

This could be sense conflating 2 different devices. My sense monitor identified our water heater kicking on as our pool pump due to similar electrical signatures. Usually within a minute sense realizes that the water heater isn’t actually our pool pump so I’ll see the device go back to an off status in sense.

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Thanks, I took a look at the main Power Meter at 5:34 am. It increases from 674 w to 694 w at that time and then decreases to 681 w about a minute later.

Here is the Samsung TV power meter for this morning:

We see a one-minute-long interval at 5:34 am (the mysterious on) and a longer interval at 7:30 am (when I turned on the monitor to create the original blog entry.) They have similar start-up profiles and overall power levels.

The timeline (in the original post) shows only the aquarium heat turning on, then off, spanning the TV interval.

What did the initial detection look like - what did Sense initially detect the TV as ? If it was detected as a Samsung TV, then Sense probably used NDI to detect the TV. That approach correlates TV network activity (I’m waking up message) with the associated change in the power meter. If the detections was based on NDI, your TV is likely waking up to do something like check for a firmware update.

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The device was originally detected as “Samsung TV”.
I turned off the “automatic update” setting on the TV and will notice if the TV runs automatically tomorrow morning.


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The firmware check hypothesis sounds plausible. Let us know what you find.

I was surprised this morning to see that the the TV was again on, this time at 5:35 am. Here is the timeline:

Yesterday I changed the TV settings to: Settings>Support>Software>Update Auto Update off

The mystery continues!


One more thought. Your TV might be responding to a wake-on-LAN (WoL) broadcast message from some other device on your network. I have a device on my network that checks in with all the devices on my network on a regular basis for security purposes. It sends a WoL message out on it’s subnet prior to the network check.


That’s a good call.

The TV has not been on in the early morning since the day after I changed the automatic setting. Perhaps the setting takes a day to “soak in” and take effect.

I’ll change the setting back now and see what happens.


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