No this is not a Samsung TV?

Sense recently detected new device and called it Samsung TV. However, it is not a Samsung TV and I do not know what it is. First it turns on approximately same time everyday, around 5:30-6pm. Then it works for about 30 mins and turns off. The On/Off cycle repeats through out the evening. Normally if TV is ON it stays on.

I attached two screenshots. One shows the daily cycle and the other show individual bar.

Very strange. The only way that Sense comes up with specific devices like a “Samsung TV” is by using NDI detection explained in the link. Something on your WiFi/wired network, ostensibly from Samsung, is probably broadcasting messages when it turns on and turns off. What “smart” Samsung devices do you have in your house ?

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Adding to @kevin1’s reference I’ll point out that the “flat top” waveform tail and sudden drop to zero indicates a constant average power native Sense guesstimate. NDI is not broadcasting power data.

One would assume the OFF is NDI-triggered but it could be a native Sense threshold change.

Could be beneficial to delete the device and see what pops up again. Post a screenshot of New Device detection message. Was it “100% a Samsung TV”?

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It was detected as 100% Samsung TV.

I do not have any other Samsung devices connected.

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Very interesting. If you are a techie you could do a network packet dump to see what might be triggering Sense to find this on/off cycle.

I am not a techie.

The big question for me is how much wattage is it using? My roughly 2015 Samsung TV uses around 150w (hard to tell on my Kasa because my receiver turns on at the same time).

TV wattage can be heavily dependent upon the technology type, brightness and content. OLEDs are fun that way. In theory, TV power detection can be based on content (and visa-versa). Ironically Planet Earth: Frozen Worlds is probably gonna cost more to watch than a dark dystopian.

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