Samsung TV always on and other oddities


I was pleasantly surprised when Sense picked up my new samsung tv almost immediately. (September) but starting Dec 1st the bubble is showing it on almost all the time. I’ve been clicking “device is not on” a couple times a day or whenever I think about it. It doesn’t usually pop it off, but if it does, it’s back shortly. I’ve also noticed (very seldom) that it will say the LG tv is on when it’s not and a couple days ago it showed the dragon’s heat lamp had gone off. it also alerted me that my sump pump had been running for 1 minute and 5 minutes, when it had been on and off several times in that period. (washing clothes). My Sense is generally very accurate and stable so this activity is curious.

I’m wondering if it’s misidentifying something else as the samsung tv, but no other devices have come online. this is a very definite pattern starting dec 1st. was an update pushed out or … ?


I don’t know about your particular Samsung TV, but my Vizio 55in is a newer TV with a chromecast built-in… a characteristic of devices like my TV with “smart” features, are really “on” all the time… not as much power, because the screen is off, but still on… they run all the time to listen for a wake-up from the remote, but also, in my case, my “smart” features stay connected to my network and check for updates & listen for my interactions… I can even goto my phone, and direct a stream to my TV chromecast and it will wake up (power on), launch the proper app, and begin the stream…

it’s the penalty for our “smart” devices… lol


My LG OLED TV did the same thing. I ended up plugging it into a TP-Link HS110 outlet and the numbers are much better. It does occasionally get stuck on for a day or two.


i wondered about that, but it does it even when I unplug it.


ok, that’s more to the story… if you unplug it, its dead… no power…


My LG OLED TV did the exact same thing last few weeks. Unplugged with no power and Sense showed it on and drawing power. I opened a ticket with support which they indicated they knew about and working to resolve.


weird. it posted my reply twice. yeah. that was my first thought when i couldn’t seem to resolve it with 'device not on". I suspect that there’s another device it’s picked up and misidentified but i have no idea what it might be. it seems odd that it doesn’t merge into my always on since it’s always on. lol.


Open a ticket with support if you haven’t already. More reports of this issue should get a quicker resolution.


i haven’t done that yet, but I think I will. It’s been going on awhile.


I have been experiencing this as well. It seems to sit at ~92 watts almost all the time (even when turned off, not unplugged). I will be trying the unplug move to see if the bubble goes away.


Anyone noticing this issue can certainly feel free to reach out to support.

There is something that went funky with the way some of the notifications broadcasts from some smart TVs which causes for them to show as being on even when they aren’t. The data science team is already aware of this particular issue and is working on a fix for it currently. There’s not an immediate resolution that the support team can do for you, but more reports of the error can help the data science team track down the errors and also help us to boost the priority of the issue.


My Sony doesn’t always show off when it is connected via WiFi.
I think it was more reliable when it was connected via ethernet.


I have reported it to support, but it’s gone off since I posted here and seems to be working properly now…


Same for me, Becky. I did confirm prior to an apparent fix that it was still showing after being unplugged. Wonder where those watts went?! :thinking:


I’m seeing the same issue as well with 3 Samsung TVs in my home. They are are identified by sense as on for hours after they were actually turned off (and plugged out to be certain). This only started happening a few weeks ago. Never did before that. Previously, it the bubble for these would disappear immediately when I powered down the device.