Please update us before pushing updates


It seems that when Software or Firmware is updated our systems go blank during the period and don’t backfill. This causes anxiety where users don’t know if the problem is at their end or your end. Since you have our emails it would be great if Sense would send an email blast out ahead of time so we would know these outages are going to take place. Further, the data does not appear to backfill after the outage. Since many of us want accurate and consistent data this creates a problem. If the data cannot be backfilled it would be great if you could at least interpolate between when it went down and when it came back up and fill it with that as an estimate.


Hi there, thanks for bringing this up. We push updates approximately once a month, and while we try to push them at low-traffic hours, unfortunately there was an issue that caused the update to run at 9PM EST last night.

In the future, we are aiming to push our firmware updates at 2AM at the monitor’s local time however this may take a couple updates to implement.

We are also looking to decrease the data gap to the time it takes for the monitor to reboot, as opposed to the ~15 minutes of lost data we are experiencing at the moment.

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