Holes in Data

Hello… Wondering if others are seeing this. Couple of times in the last 12-24 hours I am seeing holes …No current readings… in the “power meter” screen. Looks like a power outage, but it was not. One happened right while I was sitting here. Now the 9:30 am one filled in as I sat here writing this. Strange… But the 3:00 am one is still open… Gerry…

See screen shots…

Did your SENSE monitor receive an upgraded firmware version? That is the way my graph looks when an automatic upgrade is performed. There have been several software upgrades recently sent out.

2-3 AM in the morning is typically when they are delivered.

Hi @gcrawford.k8ger, thank you for alerting us to this issue. If you wouldn’t mind submitting a ticket with our Support team and sharing these images along with it, that would be great: https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. I’ve alerted our team to this as well.

@gcrawford.k8ger @JuliaAtSense what you have there is a monitor update, typically they are pushed out out overnight when the majority of homes are ‘quiet’. Usually only last for a min or two.

Other times the monitor is just slow to load in data for the view selected. Not really an issue, just slow servers.

This last update was related to ‘power quality’, all prior power quality removed and a ‘fix’ was issued that should result in daily updates to everyone’s labs ‘power quality’ graph and stats. Everyone’s ‘power quality’ should start working by the end of the week.

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Thank you @obscuredtrip. An update for you all: It appears there is an outage related to our cloud computing service provider. This has to be resolved by them before we can go back online. We are actively pursuing options to see how we can mitigate this issue.

As a helpful reminder, bookmark our status page to stay up to date: https://status.sense.com/.

If you have any questions in the meantime, our Support team would be happy to help: https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

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To help with any confusion, what @gcrawford.k8ger was seeing is an update.

There is a separate (unrelated) issue right now effecting the ability to login to the web or app.


My apologies - appreciate the clarification @obscuredtrip.