RESOLVED: Sense is currently experiencing an outage - 9/2/18 10:30AM EDT


As you’ve possibly noticed, Sense is currently experiencing an outage. Engineering has pulled away from their Labor Day burgers and hotdogs and are working on it. We’ll be back up and running soon.

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I’ve worked for hospital IT. They need 24/7/365. Pulled away for Father’s Day emergencies and other holidays for 12hrs at a time. Sense Monitoring is not healthcare, but I know you are a for profit company. I speak on behalf of many others: You don’t have to over-staff during this repair to shave minutes or hours off of this outage.
Edit: BTW. I’M 30m late to your post, my sense appears fine now.

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I was working for my company on 12/31/1999 and I worked over night to make sure we
did not have any outage because of the Y2K bug. I got home at about 4 AM on 1/1/2000.

I was working for an international company and things did not fail during this time.

You might think that Y2K was a non issue but at the time individual companies
were very concerned.

Carol :open_mouth:
PS. I am still without service at 8:30 AM PDT
Thanks for keeping us aware of your difficulties.


BTW: Will our currently activity be available when your service comes back.
I have noticed that I have about a 10 minute report on the local Sense monitor
(probably from my own network). I watched one of my more interesting events
scroll off the screen and is no longer viewable.

Carol :grinning:


My service is working this AM and I don’t see any data gaps throughout the past 24 hours in the Power Meter display, so either I was unaffected, or it was a one-way (back to the client for display) data availability issue that has been rectified.

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The gap of data I showed is now filled-in. If it would’ve remained missing, I wouldn’t have cared. I’m the type of guy who doesn’t want a heart attack over trivial things in life.


At about 10 AM PDT my service has come back.
Also the data gaps have been filled in including my intesting
thing at 7 AM PDT.

Thanks all for keeping us informed of the difficulties.
I suspect the problem was on the outbound side of your
service and not your cloud server.

Did anyone try to do a download when the service was off line??
Would be interested to see if the download service was affected
as much as the display services (both the APP as well as the Windows
browser interface).

Thanks, Carol :heart_eyes:


Interesting experience just happened.

We had a power failure (from SCE) that lasted for about
10 minutes. This was after Sense services came back on line.
I had completed my previous post.

I have looked at my Web interface and do not see the glich.
I also do not see the power down on the API.

All my systems were down (including my Solar) but no
record on this (sigh).

Carol :open_mouth:


We should be back up! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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