Gas usage meter to measure total energy usage

I would like to have my natural gas usage monitored along with Kwh electricity to measure total energy usage.


This is a great question. I did a quick check on Amazon, and there is a meter there that can measure gas use, and it can be remotely monitored on the internet, as can most of the “internet of things” these days. Its on my bucket list.

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or propane!

I found this one on Amazon, but it requires 3 components that add up to $450 (links below). I contacted them about integrating them into a Sense-like cheaper product, but they said that’s a good idea for someone else and that’s not their focus (which is revenue-grade monitoring for rentals etc). Anyone has found any other one? @rgmichel, is this the same one you found in your April 2018 post/

  • But it needs a pulse counter:

and then this box to connect to the cloud:

Looks like what I found. Its interesting that Leviton now has a new electrical panel which I think has built-in monitoring at each breaker. This is bound to be more precise than the sense device, although it will lump together all appliances that are on one breaker.

Thanks. A couple of links on that Leviton product for anyone interested:

I couldn’t find a price though