Geothermal GSHP Energy Utilization

Hello Fellow Sense Users,

I just had a Geothermal system installed (GSHP) and was wondering what other people see for energy utilization when their system is running?

I think the sense sees both the geothermal unit (detected by sense and using about 2kW) and the blower separately (currently part of other using about 700W)

Thanks for the help!

Hi Terence. I’m debating about getting geothermal installed myself. Are you still seeing 2kW + 700w usage? What would you say is your average monthly consumption so far?

I’m hoping that geothermal + Sense (and of course especially + Solar) can really help to quantify the benefits of geothermal vs cost.

In that regard, if you have a GSHP it would be great if you could also give some details about the house it’s heating/cooling: sqft; cubic feet; # of floors; age; good/bad insulation?