Has anyone seen this before?


My timeline had a strange trend this morning and wondering if anyone else has seen similar. Instead of sharp on/off it gradually climbs twice with a bit of a curve to it


My heat pump looks like that. A mitsubishi inverter but it’s common and always looks like that.


Don’t think it’s my heat pump, it looks like this when I see it cycle.


How long did it last?


It happened in a 10 minute timeframe and has occurred 3 times today.
Today is the first time I’ve seen it and the only change was changing a single pole breaker a couple days ago. That breaker is dedicated to a 540 floor heat cable and thermostat.


Found it!
English muffins and bread in the toaster. Must not reach full wattage immediately like most resistance devices do

I wish we had a place to post images of different devices categorized where we could compare.
Separate albums for heat pumps, water heaters, toasters, you get the idea


:grin: I like to imagine you going around the house and interrogating people until someone fessed up to making breakfast.

Yeah, this is a fantastic idea and something the mods and I are working on.


It’s hilarious. Instead of me interrogating, someone will shout, “ Dad, that’s the microwave! Or I made a cup of coffee!
Everyone is onboard


Good find.

I have also seen that some resistive loads do slowly increase their wattage consumption as the ambient temperature inside the device itself increases - it comes back to the fact that as a heating element increases in temperature (in this case, as the overall ambient air temperature in the toaster oven increases) a resistive heating element increases in resistance.

Then it’s all ohm’s law ( P=VI to be exact) from there on forward, resulting in this slow ramping-up of the amperage draw as the oven increases to it’s setpoint.