thoughts on this mystery device?

ok, folks. i’ve searched and i’ve experimented and i’ve consulted my electrical engineering friend and i’m totally stuck on this one. here are the bullet points…

  1. the community suggested names are: dehumidifier (don’t have one), ac (not on yet this year), fridge (already accounted for), washer (already accounted for) or pump (don’t have one).
  2. this device comes on very infrequently. may 31 (47min.), may 10 (1 min.), may 11 (2 min.), april 29 (7 min.) , april 4 (1 min.), and march 20 (13 min.) are the only instances since the beginning of march. but, strangely, when it was first discovered in february, it came on 47 TIMES over the course of just 30 hours.
  3. each of those times, the signature is the same.

anyone recognize the signature given that strange infrequent usage?


I had something similar. This “Other” just popped up and I could not figure it out. I went everywhere in the house and couldn’t find it. Like yours, it’s a fairly large number. I’m completely stumped.

Hi @Rich45 - the “Other” bubble you’re referring to is not a singular device, it’s the remaining energy consumption that hasn’t been detected by Sense. I hope you didn’t spend too much time trying to track down which device this belonged to :slight_smile:


Hi @jonathan.d.vogel - I’d recommend checking our Community Device Library for devices that have similar waveforms and have a similar operating wattage. You can find devices that Community users have posted within that wattage range here: Devices from 301W - 400W: Topics tagged 301w-400w

Thanks Justin, I do tend get a bit crazy with this stuff.

My air compressor runs very infrequently, only coming on when the tank pressure has leaked down. The signature of your usage looks like a compressor to me since it starts lower and ramps up (presumably as the pressure in the tank goes up). If you turn your compressor off between uses you would only see this usage the few times that you forget to turn it off (speaking from personal experience now).

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