Another Mystery Device!

So, just got a new device, which it thinks is a light. But, here’s a typical usage graph:

image image

(Hopefully that image made it.) I have no idea what this could be!

Zoom in a little closer so we can see only 3 or 4 or the cycles…



Dyson charger brick? [The 37w? rings a bell]

Hm. I don’t think I have any Dyson bricks plugged in. I have two Roombas (vacuum and mop), though. I wonder…

37W for a charger, cycling all the time, you think?

It’s more likely a component of something like a fridge/freezer … have you correlated it with the mains Power Meter? <40W might be hard to spot there but perhaps you can see match-ups with something “bigger”.

Now look what you made me do: I realized my Dyson V10 is not on a smartplug so I just did enough vacuuming to fully deplete the battery; configured a new HS110 and plugged in the charger. Awaiting data. It’s around 32w at initial charge … uses the same batteries as a Telsa apparently.

The fridge (Sub Zero 532, I think) is about 150W for each compressor or so, so I don’t think that’s it.

I haven’t been able to correlate it with something bigger, but I’m trying. It’s definitely not a light, though - unless it’s one weird light that’s turning off and on constantly.

Many modern appliances have multiple components that each run on their own schedules or based on sensors. In particular, refrigerators have become quite complex systems, sometimes with a half dozen separate electrical components in them. Sense sees each one as an individual device, until you sort that all out and “combine” them. And, many of these are small, but add up to significant loads over time.

My geothermal system has seven different parts, and they run on their own schedules or sensors. Sense has identified only one of those, but I have a half dozen un-identified devices, some of which may well be part of that. I do know that my refridge has at least three components, only one of which (the ice dispenser) has been detected and identified.

This, looking at it on a “daily” basis, doesn’t look like a refrigerator. It looks like something that knows what time it is, but…weirdly:

Next Day:

Next day:

It’s not entirely consistent (not even by day of the week), but it looks like 24 hour cycles that are semi-consistent keyed on midnight.

OK, here we go:

  • Dyson V10 on an HS110, almost complete charge and then periodic (60min) checkups


  • “Device 1” as detected by Sense and never properly identified.

Notice that time periods are pretty well aligned.

Leads me to think you might be seeing artifacts from your 2 Roomba chargers or other charger around that wattage.

It certainly looks, in the every other day pattern, like a battery charger bouncing off a voltage… I’m going to have to unplug more stuff to see.

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