Unknown 519W Device

Anyone have any ideas on this one?

March 5.2kWh
April 82.3kWh
May 176.4kWh
June (to date) 77.8kWh

I haven’t run my AC all day, so if can’t be that (it’s also only 519W). I thought it could be my dehumidifier so when Sense defected the device as on, I unplugged it and waited a few minutes - sense still showed it as on.

I’m stumped.

Expanded wave form


With the compressor-like starting spike, the significant energy use, and the seasonal trend, the dehumidifier seems like a good guess. Something that others have said in other treads is that the DEVICE power meter may show it still on, even if it is not (curiosities of the machine learning algorithms, I guess), so that it is important to look at the TOTAL power meter when you plug and unplug.

I was looking at the “Now” screen and the “bubble” of the device didn’t go away when I unplugged the dehumidifier. Would that be a valid test?

It may not always be, according at what I have read from others. Looking at the time travel of total power and seeing it go down would be more definitive.

Thank you. This troubleshooting tip helped me confirm it is my dehumidifier.

Seems strange that the other screens are incorrect, but that’s a topic for a different discussion I suppose.

You can find a bunch of other threads, but the overly simple quickish version - the bubble screen and device tab are Sense screens where it is reporting using its ML learning process to identify devices. The simple explanation of how device detection works is pattern recognition based on what it sees power wise.
So it says " I saw a power signature of XXD happen which should mean device 3 is on. Lets display it as on". Then it does the same for the off. It has figured out in its detections that Device 3 turning off looks like YYY. So when it sees YYY happen in the power view, it knows to stop displaying Device 3 on the device views.

When you unplug the device manually, it may look YYZ instead of YYY because the shutdown process is different based on the device turning itself off and you yanking the plug from he wall. . So it misses the signal to say “oh, device 3 is off”. So the bubble stays on until a clean up process kicks in to realize that it must have made a mistake and turns off the device.

When you are in power graph view, you are looking at the “raw” readings from the CT clamps without any interpretation as to what that power means. So if you unplug a 500w thing, you’ll see that change on that screen right away since its a “Fact” that the power draw is now missing.

Does that make sense as to why the two screens can be off? One is “Fact”, one is interpreted data subject to mistakes.