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So I’ve had the Sense installed since Tuesday… So far it has found my Sump Pump and one of my fridges… It has something labeled “AC” and something labeled “Heat 1”… It’s winter so obviously it’s not he AC…

So I figure it’s probably my dehumidifier… So when it’s showing the “AC” running I go and turn the dehumidifer off. .Sure enough “AC” goes away… So I immediately turn it back on thinking I will see “AC” show up again, and I don’t…

I see about a 182W increase but nothing “identified” pops up…

So I leave it and wait until “AC” shows up again… It does, I power off the dehumidifer, “AC” goes away… So know I’m fairly confident that’s what it is… I rename it to Dehumidifier and off I go…

My question is… Is Sense not smart enough to know that the initial 182W+ is the dehumidifier as well? I’m also not sure what “Heat 1” is… I almost think it’s the dehumidifier too as I can’t pinpoint what it can be… It says the avg consumption for it is 205W…

During the time it’s been on I can’t think of anything that would be it…

Any advise is appreciated.


The on/off detection is imperfect, especially early on in the learning process, but I would agree the ac device is probably your dehumidifier.

One thing that will always help us is screen caps showing a couple full cycles, like this:

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Thanks for the reply mate! The AC is definitely my dehumidifier… What I can’t figure out is what my “Heat 1” is…

I thought it may be my dehumidifier as well, just during a different process or something but I turned my dehumidifier off today and I still see Heat 1 being reported…

And another screen:

I’ve seen profiles like that before, but I can’t remember what people were able to figure out. Periodic charging was one, but I can’t remember if the wattage was that high or not.

Try not to get frustrated if things aren’t correctly ID’d every time, it happens. At the same time, it makes it a little more difficult to properly id things :wink:

What do you mean by profiles? It’s strange. It is constantly coming in for like 1 minute and it’s around 200W.

What do you mean by periodic charging? Charging what?


My dehumidifier is occasionally identified as a different device called AC4. But the profile looks different when is it is identified as AC4 - so it’s totally understandable why Sense would think it’s a different device.



I’m more wondering what heat 1 can be. I’ve turned off my dehumidifier and look at that graph. Wtf

I just mean the electrical profiles like we’ve been posting :slight_smile: everything has its own pattern and sometimes you can guess based on what they look like.

Periodic charging would be something you keep on a charger. Obviously it charges until it’s full, but then every 10-30min or so there’s a sharp spike like you’re seeing to top the charge off - like for cordless drills, etc.

Hmmm… Wonder if this could be my backup sump pump battery charging… I’ll unplug that and see if it goes away…

Thanks for the help!

Here’s a very similar thread: Mystery heat device

No resolution, but you might check with the original poster.

So frustrating lol. Do I look for a device that has an output of 200W in hopes to find it?

It’s not my dehumidifier. I just unplugged one of my laptop chargers… it’s not my backup sump pump charging. Argh!!!

If it’s practical, you could start shutting off breakers to help narrow it down. You might start with whichever one serves the kitchen/fridge, and avoid the 240v breakers. Whatever it is, it’s cycling often enough that you could figure it out in a day by narrowing down which breaker it’s on.

That was me, I think it ended up being the ice maker.

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