Mystery Devices

This thing is driving me crazy. One day I turned off all breakers except for two needed by Sense. The one used to power Sense is my well pump, so turned the pump switch off. The other is for my Internet router, in our bedroom. Unplugged the clock radio and tv in there anyway; unplugged a couple of small chargers and made sure the lights were off. But the bubble for my Unknown 1 kept chugging away at a steady 125W. Have no idea what could still be on with the breakers off. History shows a 1.8 kWh average per week. Goes on/off 24/7 and seems to like a 24 minute on time.
Sense initially called it a freezer but that breaker was off too. Help anyone?

Sounds like “Unknown 1” is a detected device. If that’s the case, flipping the right breaker off won’t necessarily make the bubble for the device go away, because turning the breaker off doesn’t always look (to Sense) like the device turning off. If Sense doesn’t see the off-signature it expects, the bubble stays up, even if the breaker has powered the whole circuit off.

Rayshawn gives some helpful hints on how to track down an unknown detected device here:

Community members might be able to suggest what it is if you post a couple of screenshots, one of a single on/off cycle up close, and one that shows the context of the entire day, kind of like the examples in each library entry here:

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Following up with @kevin1’s link I’ll point out that Sense (recently) moved the Power Meter button front-and-center in the interface because there is probably your best bet if you want to start flipping switches and breakers to track things down.

Bubbles will come and go at the will of the algorithm and some potentially fickle disaggregation determinations whereas the Power Meter will always show you the ground truth signal. If you don’t see the wattage going on and off there, then it ain’t going on and off.


Thank you, I’ll follow-up on your suggestions.

Thanks for that helpful information Kevin, I’ve got some work to do :grinning:.

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