Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Readings Seem Low

Sense discovered my AO Smith Heat Pump Hot Water Heater last week and seems to track its ‘on’ periods pretty well, but the KW usage seems low. It’s reported at about 150 watts according to Sense when it’s in heat pump mode, where my manual observations seemed to show it getting up in the 300-400 watts as it cycles. Anyone else have experience with HPWHs that can validate this?

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This is going to be a 240 volt device, so maybe you are just seeing half of it. Maybe just one of the two elements. If so, hopefully the second one gets recognized and you can merge them together.


Could be, but it is set in heat pump only mode and I don’t know how the compressor presents itself.

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Sense often sees only half of a 240v load initially, then it later picks up the other half and you can join them. That’s a completely different thing than picking up only one of the water heater elements and, since you are in heat pump only mode, that eliminates element detection anyway.

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