Heating / Heat Pump Water Heater device

Please add type “Heat Pump Water Heater” (HPWH) to the Heating category of device types.

These devices have a heat pump compressor motor, a fan motor and conventional resistance elements. As well, there is an idle mode for the simple computer system that monitors temperature and makes decisions about what modes to deploy.

The existing devices Heat Pump and Water Heater are both simpler devices that do not encapsulate all the modes/loads of a HPWH.


I agree, some are too broad. I have a heat pump with auxiliary heat strips. They are both part of the heat pump system but I’d like to be able to group the auxiliary under heat-heat pump- auxiliary instead of calling the heat strips “other”

Here are some interesting snap shots of a heat pump water heater (HPWH) consumption as shown in Sense. My HPWH runs in economy mode so the electrical heating elements never turn on. The HPWH is plugged into a TP-Link device. It has been running like this for almost a year. Recently Sense detected a new device that it called Motor 1 which I have been able to determine is a component of the electricity being used by the HPWH, about half of the total load of the HPWH. Attached are several screen shots. The first is the listing of devices.

Next is the Sense detection called Motor 1 which has a very ragged start phase.

Next is a close up of the Motor 1 on cycle. The ragged start phase pattern is the same for each cycle.

Next is the total HPWH captured by the TP-Link.

The last image is one on cycle captured via the TP-Link. Each on cycle has a similar start phase and then the upward ramp.