Mystery Motor is actually a heat pump water heater to specify?



There’s a 233 watt mystery motor that I’m 99% sure is the fan for our water heater heat pump. It’s the only part of the water heater that’s been identified thus far. So - do I classify it as a water heater? A fan? Or leave the device classification untouched (motor) until the whole water heater is identified?



I’d just call it “water heater” and wait for any other components to be identified. If it’s a heat pump water heater, you may be waiting a long time since they’re so energy efficient and not as common as conventional water heaters - so I wonder if Sense has a viable model developed yet.


Merge function in app should let you combine ‘fan’ with other Water Heater draws. Should cycle frequently if shower/bath daily. i’ve got one too; has yet to be ID’d. Maybe post a screen shot?

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