Mystery Heat = Water Heater?


I’m fairly certain a mystery heat device (Heat 2) that has been showing up for the last week is my hot water heater, but having trouble confirming it.

The device is a hybrid HW heater with a heat pump… I have it set to run in full efficiency mode pulling ambient heat from the garage to heat water primarily. The device kicks in multiple times a day for a few minutes. When it does go on, I heat out of the garage and notice the compressor on top has not kicked in strangely (so maybe it’s running off electricity and thus, silent at that time.

While the app shows it’s on, I’ve flipped the breaker to kill power to it, but sense still shows “Heat 2” is pulling power.

To me… that confirms it isn’t the water heater. Would you agree? This is one of two Sense devices hooked up to my secondary panel so it’s quite limited on what it could be (although my damn electricians have a few “?” in the breakers instead of the real things). Living in Florida, I am certain it’s not the HVAC :slight_smile:


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