Heat Pump "Hybrid" water heaters


Anyone else have a “hybrid” heat pump water heater detected yet?

A little over a month since installed, and no detection yet. I guess I’m being optimistic that it’ll look like a (small) air conditioner.

Although I was hoping to get hard data on its’ savings, I can already tell at a glance it’s pretty significant. Old WH was using around 350 kWh/month (3500-4000W when on). Although it takes longer to heat the entire tank, this new one is around 300-400W when running. Cools and dehumidifies the garage too! Highly recommended!


By chance are you running a Rheem Hybrid? I’ve been wanting to pick one up when my current water heater dies.


Yes, I got one of the Rheem hybrids when Home Depot had a sale last month. My WH was 20 years old, and had not died yet, but the sale pushed me over the edge. I think it may have been more of a no-brainer than originally thought.


My GE GeoSpring was just detected after 5 months. Only the HeatPump not the resistance elements.


Nice, thanks Adam, that gives some hope.

What did it show up as? I wouldn’t expect Sense would guess it as a water heater. Perhaps an A/C, or refrigerator? I’m asking in case I see something out-of-the-ordinary, or if it confuses with my existing Fridge.

I turned off the resistance elements, and only explicitly allow them if we have guests and need faster turnaround of hot water. The heat pump is really what I’m looking to see!


Mine was detected as a motor.


I also have the GE hybrid water heater and found that Sense picked it up quickly and as a motor (but the power value remains numerically underreported). Like the previous poster, Sense only ID’s the heat pump portion and the resistance elements remain undetected. This is OK in my case as I generally run the unit in heat pump only mode anyway since I am in a warmer climate (and want all the free AC for the garage).


I have a GE GeoSpring and I don’t see it reported after 5 months - will look for it as a motor from now on


Just added an AO Smith heat pump hot water heater and hope it is picked up soon! Also using it in heat pump mode only. Replaced an oil HW heater and are now fossil fuel free (electricity is from renewable sources).


Geospring detected by day 10


“quietminded” - Do you have yours set for heat pump only, or does your Geospring backfill with the resistive heat element? What did Sense detect it as?

I’m nearing the end of my third month with nothing detected yet. Heat pump only mode, hoping for a “motor” or small A/C unit or something.


I have it on hybrid mode and it showed as water heater.


Took a year to find my heat pump.


Sense identified my Hybrid water heater (in heat pump only mode) after about 1 month, but confuse it occasionally with another appliance that used approximately the same wattage.


Do you have a hybrid water heater Andy?


Nope, geothermal heat pump. Much of the year it provides radiant heating and almost all of our domestic hot water. During hot summer months it provides mini-duct cooling, and some of our domestic hot water. During spring and fall it doesn’t run much so we have to fall back to conventional hot water tank heating elements.