Heatpump capacitor fail?

I have a GSZC160361CA which is a goodman 3 ton / 2 stage heatpump. I also installed it on a +90% gas furnace … aka dual fuel last year. Work like a 3 stage heating system until it reaches 25degs. I also have my thermostat reporting to home assistant.

Today I noticed that my runtimes were very high, so I opened home assistant and noticed that my thermostat was reporting that it was running but the vent temperature wasn’t changing. Once the difference reaches 4 deg… the thermostat calls for stage 3 and you can see the vent temps reach into the mid 130’s.

During the next heat cycle I noticed the fan was on, home assistant showed no change in temp. I felt with my hand and confirmed. I think went outside and seen the outdoor unit wasn’t running. Next I found a tripped breaker… I reset the breaker than start a new heating cycle. This system normally would gradually start, however I heard it hum for around the first 10+ seconds and then eventually take off. This would be a sign of a bad start capacitor. I scrolled back thru home assistant and found the last vent temps to be in the 90’s until 6:40a. Then I opened sense meter history and found what showed up during that time. I thought it was odd enough to share.


Home Assistant, Sense, Ecobee plus vent temp sensors are really useful for catching HVAC performance problems ! Really cool that you could backtrack and catch the capacitor failure.

BTW - assuming that the capacitor was indeed toast ?

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