Help identifying a device please


No idea what this is but it’s constantly cycling on/off… Possible names (per app): Furnace, Dishwasher, Aquarium Heat, Floor Heater, Ice maker, Light…

No way it’s dishwasher as it happens when that’s not even on… Have an Ice Maker identified already…



Can you post an image of its actual on/off signature please vs just the consumption overview?

Being able to see its signature sometimes helps us all identify what it may be.


Sure… Thanks


If you go into the power meter and zoom in a bit closer so we can see individual cycles, it can help further.



It does kinda look like a light (though the wattage is high…maybe a heat lamp of some kind?), but I’m guessing you’re not cyclically turning a light on/off in the early AM hours? Anything fit that profile in your home? Maybe some sort of other heat source (floor heating/space heater), though the wattage seems too low for that. Curious what others think…


I had originally though maybe a motion activated flood light. But seeing the second picture looks like a pattern of on twice together quickly, then a short pause.
Approximately 15 minutes between 2 times on then 20-25 pause


Yea, it’s puzzling for sure… Unless it’s part of my furnace? We don’t have any heat lamps, floor heaters, etc… Just have a regular two stage gas furnace.

It seems to be doing this pretty much all day so that eliminates anything someone would be turning off/on manually.


Off you have a gas furnace it is likely set to cycle 9 time an hour if less than 90% efficiency and 6 an hour if over 90.
Could be a furnaces igniter


It’s an Infinity 96 so, 96%…

So is it safe to assume that’s it or??



I don’t know the specific specs on anything from carrier. But most hot surface igniting systems use 3-4.5 amps. That’s 360 to 540 watts. It looks your device is coming on 5 times an hour which is right in line with high efficiency gas cycle settings. Those settings are not absolute. The furnace run time is adjusted internally to “try” to run so many times an hour.


Zoom in so you can barely see both the start and finish of a single cycle, even the second screenshot is 3hrs worth.

It looks too perfectly timed to be a furnace igniter. Do you have any water circulator or hydronic heating?


No, I don’t have either of those things. Thanks.


That looks a lot like a heating element of some sort. My coffee pot and heating pad for my back both look similar to that with different wattage. Ice makers do have a heating element but that seems too close to be frozen ice, you might turn the ice maker off and see if the pattern disappears. Wattage is low for a dehumidifier but do you have one of those?