Help - Mystery Loads Causing Outrageous Bills

Thanks for your response. I looked at pins. I’ve talked to Idaho Power about this & they said it is definatey inside my house. Ive had an electrician here 3 times. The last time they installed Sense. They can’t figure it out. My electric bill is $ 250 over what it should be per month. I can see the power spike when I sign in to Idaho Power, but their information is 3 days behind. It usually happens between 7 pm & 9 pm. Electrician won’t come after 5. I was hoping sense would help zero in on problem. I’ve turned off the breaker today that seems like it might be using excessive power. Guess I can try another every day.

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Thanks for more explanation. I thought you were seeing power quality issues in the Power Quality tab, since that’s the topic of this thread. Seems like you are really experiencing unexplained usage that shows up in both your Idaho Power data and Sense. There are bunch of postings on the community about that kind of topic as well. If you want, I can this to a new topic end where people might be able to give you suggestions, especially if you can post views of the power meter when you think your mystery load switches on.

Here’s one of the more interesting, but solved, mystery loads from the past:

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Thanks. Yes it is unexplained usage. Sense has several this named wrong. It shows Floor heat" on & off all day long, but I turned breaker labeled floor heat off & the floor was still working. So it turned out to be master BR breaker that is actually floor heat. It also finds heat # 1, heat # 2 & heat #3 that i’m trying to figure out. It has jacuu,i on a lot, but I don’t have one. So I can post photo of graph or whatever. This is quite an expensive issue for me. Appreciate you’re hooking me up with posts of same problem

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Thanks for clarifying. I have 4 floor heating loops and they do indeed eat a lot of power. And Sense detects some of them, but also sometimes conflates one or two of them with my electric dryer. Fortunately, the loops were recent addition as so they are all on smart thermostats so I can see them turn on on the same phone I’m running Sense on. Without the smart thermostats, I would have to do what you are doing - isolating usage to breakers, by looking at the main Power Meter during the big power usage, and seeing which breaker drops the power usage.

Are any of those Heat devices and the so-called Jacuzzi showing up during the time periods when you think your usage is too high (7-9pm) ? All of them probably correspond to something heat-related.