HELP: understanding the meter graph a bit more


We’re considering adding two PW2 batteries to our existing setup (16.2kW solar, 400W, 2x panels, 2x Sense - one on each panel). Before making the investment, trying to better understand our current setup using the reporting from Sense… can someone help shed some light on what I’m seeing?

Looking at the meter graph, I’m trying to understand what I see… this is from yesterday afternoon:

Are the solar & consumption numbers shown in the meter graph independent of each other or is consumption a net?

IOW, with the consumption (red) in the solar (orange) area on the left side, is this correct?

I’m generating enough via solar to cover the consumption needs on this panel… an thus, any orange not in the red is being sold back to the grid at that time. So, for the 50% of the left side of the picture, I’m operating at a surplus 99% of the time (excluding those 4 spikes)

Or am I wrong and this is correct:

I’m not generating enough solar and the red in the orange area is pulling from the grid for additional demand not met from solar generation.

I believe it’s the former but wanted to validate.

Furthermore… because I have a pair of fuse boxes, solar inverters & Sense devices, it is true that things aren’t shared. IOW, solar generation is not combined, each panel is operating independently. Is that correct?


@andrewconnell I will attempt to answer your questions in a very basic form.

  1. Consider the three colors in your graph - Yellow, Orange and Red. Where you see solid Yellow, that is excess solar being sent to the Electric grid - either sold or banked to you account. Where you see solid orange, that is solar power you are consuming. Where you see solid red, that is where you are consuming power from the Utility grid.
  2. From your information of 2 panels, 2 sense units, i can assume independent operation. The question remains as to which panel your solar is connected to. In order to properly answer your question if you could upload the 3 line diagram from your solar installation and indicate on it both panels and where you had the sense C/T clamps placed - all your questions can be correctly answered.
  3. As far as Powerwalls are concerned, they will only connect to the panel with the solar attached. No back up for the other panel.

This is correct. And to answer your first question, when you look at your numbers on the Now screen, your solar (left side) is not a net. It is the raw solar being produced by your system and does not factor in your consumption.


Thanks… the “three colors” answer helps clarify it quite a bit for me. Thanks

I’m not familiar with the “3-line diagram”… not sure what you’re asking for, but I think I can answer it like this: I have 2 fuse boxes, 2 solar inverters & 2 Sense units. Each inverter is hooked up to a single fuse box. Each fuse box has one Sense in it monitoring the mains & the lines coming in from the inverter.



Ok- that clarifies inverter install. (The 3 line drawing is the plan that your solar provider created for the permit/installation process - your explanation of placement of solar inverter means looking at that should not be necessary) I am assuming you wish to put a powerwall on each panel? If that is the case, your powerwall installation would require two transfer gateways as well - one for each panel. A single powerwall per panel may not be sufficient unless only critical loads are backed up as they have limited peak output much less than your panel main.