Hot Tub bundled in with dryer


Hi Guys,

Just got my Hot Tub up and running for the winter. When i turned it on, Sense thinks its our dryer (Which is already a discovered device). I know that you can merge devices, but is there a way to un-merge these things? Or will it figure it out if i just leave it for a while?

Thanks in advance


Give it time and a little boost by marking the Dryer as “Device Not On”, when the hot tub kicks in and you see the Dryer bubble.


Merging can be un-done, but only if you manually merge multiple devices. We’d call this a conflation and not a merge, on our end. Since you just started using the hot tub recently, I recommend giving it some more time. Sense should eventually figure it out. If you’re still not getting the hot tub on its own after a bunch of hot tub uses (hard to say how many, as it depends on a lot of factors, but more than a few), then I’d suggest reaching out to Support.