Hot Tub bundled in with dryer

Hi Guys,

Just got my Hot Tub up and running for the winter. When i turned it on, Sense thinks its our dryer (Which is already a discovered device). I know that you can merge devices, but is there a way to un-merge these things? Or will it figure it out if i just leave it for a while?

Thanks in advance

Give it time and a little boost by marking the Dryer as “Device Not On”, when the hot tub kicks in and you see the Dryer bubble.

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Merging can be un-done, but only if you manually merge multiple devices. We’d call this a conflation and not a merge, on our end. Since you just started using the hot tub recently, I recommend giving it some more time. Sense should eventually figure it out. If you’re still not getting the hot tub on its own after a bunch of hot tub uses (hard to say how many, as it depends on a lot of factors, but more than a few), then I’d suggest reaching out to Support.

I just experienced a similar issue with a refrigerator and a chest freezer. Both were one of the first appliances discovered by sense, both I physically verified its identification by cycling power and making sure sense detected the changes. I then labeled the devices correctly and added make, model, & locations in my home. Sense monitored them both fine for 2 weeks, and then merged them. I don’t understand why they were merged or how to separate them.

I found this post and reached out to tech support as suggested, who said that deleting the devices is my best option as they cannot be un merged. I asked them how to prevent this from happening again, like a “do not merge” option. They said no option exists and they would notify the data science team, to prevent it from happening again. Do I have any other options on preventing this is from repeating itself?

They have something called “combine” used on their end. I have had problems with this myself a few times. Unfortunately they can’t seem to undo the action.
The times that “combine” has happened with me, every single one was incorrect and should have been left apart. I wonder if anyone has had it happen in a positive way.

@sense I believe an improvement to your product, would be a notification by the monitor when it believes devices should be merged because they maybe parts of the same appliance, and an option by the user to verify and accept or deny the merger. I also believe a good improvement would be being able to tell sense if there are more than one type of major appliance in the home, for instance 2 HVAC systems. When I first installed my sense, i watched the meter change for both HVAC’s, which had different signatures. Identified my second-floor HVAC system, But not the first floor. I believe my monitor has now merged both of them together into one device instead of two separate ones

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