Hourly reporting


We can see yearly, monthly and daily breakdown, but is there a way to see hourly breakdown? Would like to know for yesterday, between 7 and 8, what was the breakdown of energy usage.


freddyboy1… Sure someone has a better idea then mine… Did you try the dashboard and go to day… It will then show hourly… Then click on the hour for a break down…Later…Gerry

Hi ! Yes, i can see the total kWh, but I wanna know what percentage of each device, like the daily shows (Usage 4$) (Always on 27.5%) (Heat Pump 18.5%) (Water Heater 15.7%) etc.

You’re going to need to resort to the Export feature in the web app Dashboard Usage with Hour resolution if you want to look at that. It will give you an hourly CSV for all the devices. If a device doesn’t show for an hour, assume that it was off.

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